23 Oct 2012

NAEYC 2012 Presentation – BONUS Material

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Private Place Center

Young children are learning to deal with emotions. They need to learn to identify their own emotions and the emotions of others. They are beginning to understand and follow rules of behavior. These skills help young children develop self-regulation, a very important part of child development. Self-regulation includes interacting effectively with others and developing self-control. The Private Place Center will help young children learn self-awareness, a greater understanding of feelings, and ways to manage their behavior.

This power point includes information on how to design and use the Private Place Center effectively in early childhood classrooms.

Download PowerPoint [1.5MB]

About the Author

Dr. Christy Isbell is a pediatric occupational therapist with more than twenty years of experience working with young children. She is Professor of Occupational Therapy at Milligan College, and her private practice specialty is the treatment of young children with autism, sensory processing disorders or neurological disorders.

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